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Innovation networks

Group of researchers and entrepreneurs
Innovation networks
The island's development policy is also based on the creation of local advanced research & production clusters in specific high-tech sectors: ICTs, renewable energy sources, applied biotechnologies and biomedicine.
ICT district
Sardegna DistrICT, the ICT district of Sardinia, was set up to foster collaboration between public or private research centres and high-tech enterprises, through the creation of an integrated system for innovation making Sardinia a player of international technology development.
Sardinia Biomed Cluster
Known in short as the Sardinia Biomed Cluster, the Cluster for Biomedicine and Health Technologies is one of just five national health biotech clusters officially recognised by the Italian Government. Together with the Ogliastra district which is focused on experimental activities, the cluster makes up the "Pole of Excellence in Bioinformatics applied to personalised medicine".
Applied biotech cluster
The Regional Government has promoted the creation of an applied biotech cluster in Northern Sardinia. The aim is to gather together in this geographical area – already marked by the presence of a high number of sector enterprises and research centres – advanced expertise in support of an integrated system fostering research and industry development.
Renewable energy cluster
The Renewable Energy Cluster has been established in Sardinia with the aim of mustering locally available know-how in the fields of research, technology development and generation of renewable energy into an integrated system supporting local innovation and competitiveness.