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The Applied Biotech Cluster in Northern Sardinia

The Regional Government has promoted the creation of an applied biotech cluster in Northern Sardinia. The aim is to gather together in this geographical area – already marked by the presence of a high number of sector enterprises and research centres – advanced expertise in support of an integrated system fostering research and industry development.

The Applied biotech cluster promotes actions and technology laboratories supporting biotech enterprises as well as those "traditional" sectors in which the application of biotechnologies to industrial processes generate a competitive edge.

The cluster favours the development and strengthening of systems of enterprises, research centres and public bodies, and acts as a catalyst for the creation of public-private technology labs specialising in specific industry sectors.

The cluster meets the requirements of local enterprises which, albeit not all sharing the same production specialisation, are definitely oriented towards innovation and technology transfer in sectors mutually integrated as to supply of know-how and technology infrastructure.

Entrepreneurial activities with the greatest market potential address biomarker discovery and the development of processes, products and services relating to immunodiagnostic kits, biosensors and nano-biosensors for human and animal health, bio-indicators, and, for the food industry, molecular and biological markers for quality measurement and traceability.

Activities and services are delivered through three technology laboratories, staffed by specialised scientists and technicians, and which research centres and enterprises can rely on to increase their instrument and testing capabilities.