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Training of medical staff
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Science and Technology Park of Sardinia
S.P. 55 Porto Conte-Capo Caccia Km 8.400
Loc. Tramariglio, C.P. Santa Maria La Palma
07041 Alghero (SS) - Italy
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The Advanced Cardiology Simulation Centre - CardioSim was set up by the Cardiology School and the Chair of Cardiovascular System Diseases of Sassari University, with the financial support of the Banco di Sardegna Foundation and the local university.

The Centre's main activity is the provision of theoretical and practical training on the management of cardiovascular emergencies to medical and nursing students, interns and physicians and nurses working in local health authorities, hospitals and university hospitals of Sassari. Traning activities can also be extended to the staff from other Sardinian hospitals and institutions involved in health care.

The Crisis Resource Management (CMR) involves a high level of preparation and practice, that cannot always be achieved during curricular courses. Technical and human resources available during an emergency have to be managed correctly in order to ensure an effective intervention. CRM is therefore a specific training aming at improving the thheoretical and practical skills as well as the ability to cope with an emergency situation. All the health care professionals dealing with emergencies should be adequately trained on this issue.

Its structural and technology characteristics make the Advanced Cardiology Simulation Centre a highly advanced teaching tool, the first one of its kind in Sardinia, equipped with last-generation sophisticated computer-driven mannequins able to simulate any kind of critical cardiovascular disease, besides standard mannequins for BLS-D and ALS courses.

The CardioSim Centre also provides advanced simulators for Continuing
Medical Education (CEM) for general physicians and specialist physicians operating in sectors other than emergency medicine and in the framework of specific institutional research projects such as cardiovascular risk assessment, in-hospital management of heart attack, study of rare diseases, etc.

Competencies and technologies
The Centre's facilities include: secretary's office, 35-seat classroom for lectures and debriefings, macro-simulation room replicating a hospital setting and with audiovisual connection with the debriefing classroom, micro-simulation room with computer for independent learning and training room forBLS-D and ALS procedures. At the present time, there are only three other simulation-based medical training centres with similar characteristics in the whole of Italy.

Experienced teachers and trainers on advanced simulation, CRM, ALS and BLS-D, coming also from other Italian institutions, work in partnership with the centre.

The last-generation high-tech mannequins replicate the major cardiovascular emergencies in a highly life-like manner. The SimMan simulator enables high interaction with learners, including medical history, physical semiotics, vital sign recording, up to performance of invasive diagnostic and therapeutic manoeuvres such as venous cannulation, orotracheal intubation, defibrillation, urethral catheterisation, chest tube insertion, pneumothorax drainage, drug administration, etc.