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Bioecopest srl

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Porto Conte Ricerche
Science and Technology Park of Sardinia
S.P. 55 Porto Conte-Capo Caccia
Km 8.400 Loc. Tramariglio
07041 Alghero (SS) - Italy
Phone and fax +39 079 998.400
Indirizzo emailinfo@bioecopest.com

Bioecopest develops natural innovative solutions to meet the growing demand for environmentally friendly pest management products. Bioecopest has won the Italian National Prize for Innovation 2010 and the company has been incorporated in March 2010.

Competencies and technologies
Human health and environment preservation require the use of pest management strategies alternative to chemical pesticides. Bioecopest develops natural innovative biotechnologies applied to a safe and ecologically compatible management of pests of agricultural, medical and veterinary importance.

The use of chemicals is causing public concerns and real risks for the environment and human health, as well as the destruction of non-target species such as natural predators and pollinators, and the development of pest resistance against many pesticides.

Biopesticides are naturally occurring, safe and environmentally friendly pesticides. They can be used for the management of pests, expecially insects, affecting crops and human and animal health.

The essence of this strategy is to discover and employ very specific natural enemies of pests, such as bacterial, viral and fungal disease agents which affect only specific insect pest species, and are harmless for humans and other organisms. The next step is to employ these active ingredients for the formulation of new biopesticides.

Company specific goals are:
- bring to the market new biopesticidal products;
- contribute to create ecological, economic and social value.

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Bioecopest srl