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Registered office: Via Togliatti 78, 09028 Sestu (CA), Italy
Business office: Ex SS 131 km 10,500, 09028 Sestu (CA), Italy
Indirizzo emailinfo@abissi.eu
ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies).

Abissi is an innovative start-up founded in 2014 to establish in Sardinia a company with high expertise in the field of cyber security, also addressing non-conventional themes. It was established by highly experienced cybersecurity professionals with the participation of Abinsula, a leading company in the development of embedded software for the automotive sector and the IoT. The skills and reliability of its team have allowed the company to position itself from the start as a strategic partner for the cybersecurity of critical infrastructure and for the study and analysis of cybersecurity aspects in emerging market sectors such as the IoT or connected cars.

Competencies and technologies
Understanding and ensuring the security of critical infrastructure is a daunting task: infrastructure is increasingly complex and constantly evolving. This is paralleled by a steady rise in the level of cyber threats from several quarters:
- industrial espionage
- organised crime
- terrorism
- hacktivists
- hackers

Regardless of whether the action is accidental or intentional and the attack is targeted or not, the aim is to prevent any impact on the protected asset. To protect a critical infrastructure, it is not enough to be IT experts: it is necessary to know the environments, characteristics and weaknesses of each specific sector.

Abissi delivers high-level know-how across all the areas of cyber security: support in the design phase, control during production, cyber-surveillance investigations to intercept possible threats before they turn into fully-fledged attacks, and lastly forensic investigative support to handle incidents. The team’s competences also allow it to meet the cybersecurity demand coming from the emerging market sectors of connected cars and smart objects (IOT).

Products, services and applications
Abissi provides specialist services spanning the lifecycle of the product/service, from development to management to post-incident investigation.

Support in the design stage:
- technical support and consultancy throughout the design stage

Support during service production and delivery:
- Security checks (Vulnerability Assessment) 

- Penetration test
(Web Application Penetration Test)
- Mobile Application Penetration Test
- Certification of the software developed 

- Cyber threat intelligence
- Site phishing detection

Post-incident investigation: 

- forensic investigation.

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