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3C Lab srl

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Science and Technology Park of Sardinia, Edificio 2 Loc. Piscinamanna - 09010 Pula (CA) - Italy
Phone and fax +39 070 9243.2274/2275/2276
Indirizzo emailinfo@3caravelle.com
ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies).

3C Lab srl is a spin-off of 3 Caravelle srl, a Milan-based ICT service provider, incorporated in 2000, which has now reached and consolidated significant experience implementing high complexity projects in collaboration with leading national TLC, health care, finance and management consulting organisations.
At present 3C Lab carries out R&D activities for its parent company.

Competencies and technologies
3 Caravelle has developed extensive competencies the following fields:
1. System integration: 3 Caravelle has gained a high level of experience in supporting the whole delivery cycle of highly specialised and critical projects

2. Outsourcing: 3 Caravelle can advise and assist its clients in the design, implementation and management of corporate IT processes, in particular those concerning networks and infrastructure, applications, vendor selection and on-demand software

3. Software development: full mastery of the main programming languages, coupled with special expertise in the J2EE platform, have enabled 3 Caravelle to develop original products and solutions, which can also be implemented in full ASP mode.

3 Caravelle also acquired specialist competencies in the development and management of software platforms in the following fields:
1. Mobile telephony: services are delivered to Italian, US and South African TLC and VAS companies

2. Telemedicine: 3 Caravelle has developed an advanced telemedicine platform in collaboration with a leading Italian scientific partner and has also taken part in transnational European research projects in the field of telemedicine and telecare

3. Public administration: 3 Caravelle has participated in important system integration and software development projects for the public administration.

To strengthen its leading position in the field of technology, 3 Caravelle decided to set up a separate R&D unit, 3C Lab, entirely dedicated to the world of mobile telephony, telemedicine and RPM.

Products, services and applications
1. Multi-Channel Community & Delivery Platform. It is an integrated platform providing content and services to all the main communication channels: web 2.0, GPRS, UMTS, 3G, SMS, MMS, web TV, mobile TV, Palm and PS3

2. TelMed Platform. It is and advanced health care platform with the following features:
- Teleconsulting and multi-specialist reporting
- Home telenursing for patients with a chronic condition
- Remote patient monitoring
- Telemedicine call/contact centre in hospitals

3. YAWSS. It is a web-based platform with the following features:
- Call centre management dealing with inbound and outbound calls
- Market research activities via CATI and CAWI
- Corporate training
- Internal climate surveys

4. 3C Video Conference. It is a platform enabling video conferencing and IPTV services.

As operating department of its parent company, 3C Lab specialises in the research, design and development of solutions and standards in the area of mobile computing, telemedicine, and WSN integration in the health care and telecare sectors. It also covers the whole chain as designer, implementer and provider of VAS both in Italy and abroad.

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