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The first public company supporting the testing of diagnostic and therapeutic agents
Fase 1 srl is a company created by the Region of Sardinia to pursue the clinical development of new diagnostic and therapeutic agents. The company leverages on its budget from public funding, and its activities are coordinated by the Office of the President of the Regional Government.
National context
In the sector of pharmaceutical product development, Italy plays a marginal role vis-à-vis the rest of Europe and many other countries worldwide. The mission of Fase 1 is to attract phase I and II clinical trials to Sardinia, and help make the Region’s health system more competitive.
Regional context
Sardinia has a higher than average incidence of several diseases, such as type I diabetes, multiple sclerosis and thalassemias, which have a strong genetic component. Fase 1 promotes and supports research on diseases with high regional incidence and health impact.
Scientific role
The discovery of any new drug is the end result of a complex R&D process, which requires substantial investments and involves high uncertainty and risk of failure. On the other hand, successful market launch of a new drug generates huge returns. Fase 1 supports research centres in the early stages of clinical development by providing them with financial subsidies and specialised services.
Institutional role
Fase 1 forms part of the package of actions for the creation of the Biomedical and health technology district in Sardinia, launched on the proposal of the Region of Sardinia under framework programme agreement "Research and technology Innovation" concluded with the Ministry of Research. The Sardinian district and that of Friuli, Lombardy and Puglia are the only four biomedicine districts in Italy recognised to date by the national government.
Health sectors
Harmonising its actions with the strategies and priorities of the Biomedical technology district, Fase 1 primarily directs its actions, services and technical and financial support to initiatives able to strengthen the distric’s scientific identity.
Clinical research unit
Fase 1 obtained the necessary logistic support from the G. Brotzu hospital in Cagliari. A Clinical research unit has been set up at the hospital, fully equipped with emergency systems and plasma sample storage equipment, and comprising both an inpatient unit and a day clinic, complete with examination room, sample collection room and laboratories.
Intellectual property
Fase 1 intends to extend the concept of corporate social responsibility to the early phases of industrial pharmaceutical development.