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Activities & services

Researcher in a sterile environment
Fase 1 assesses the technical-scientific relevance and marketing potential of new diagnostic and therapeutic agents, carries out preclinical and clinical trials and delivers scientific training and information. The company also provides a broad range of services, including pre- and post-patenting assistance, assessment and support in the preparation of technical-scientific and regulatory dossiers, and the design and execution of preclinical and clinical trials.
Fase 1 activities include technical-scientific and marketing potential assessment of new diagnostic and therapeutic agents, the conduct of drug pharmacology and clinical trials, and cooperation with the island's universities to foster the development of scientific expertise and knowledge in the target clinical areas.
Fase 1 delivers the following services: pre-patenting assistance and evaluation of existing intellectual property protection, assistance in assessment and preparation of technical-scientific and regulatory dossiers for new procedures or diagnostic tests, definition and implementation of pre-clinical development and clinical trial protocols.
Operational methods
To pursue its corporate aims, Fase 1 has adopted two operational lines. The Development line invests in and manages innovative projects. The Clinical Trial line sets up and delivers high-quality services to attract phase I and IIA clinical trials.