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Offices of Sardegna DistrICT
The district's rollout and development will be supported by three key actions enabling setup of governance structure, lab equipment procurement, implementation of training and technology outreach activities and the launch of startup companies.
Meeting among professionals ICT district initial planning and services
The purpose of this action is to audit ICTs in Sardinia, define a governance system for the ICT district, carry out territorial marketing aimed at attracting further production and service initiatives to the island and publicising the results achieved in the district.
Professional visiting the ICT labs Infrastructure, equipment and know-how for the technology labs
Through this action, the district renders the labs operational and guarantees their full-scale functioning.
Prototype of an application at the Open media center lab Industrial research and experimental development projects
The budget covering this action funds industrial research or experimental development projects and the delivery of innovation and technology transfer services to enterprises located in the district area.