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Lab flasks and vials
The cluster's activities target the development of analytical and molecular diagnostics processes, services and products for human and animal health, guaranteeing the traceability and quality of agri-food products in Sardinia.

The cluster's actions aim at upgrading the facilities and equipment provided in the Alghero centre of the Regional Technology Park, and at fostering interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral programmes between biotech SMEs, consortia, enterprises and institutional bodies (in the dual role of providers of know-how and potential customers).

The cluster's activities aim at enhancing accessibility to the laboratories set up at the Alghero centre of the Technology Park. These laboratories are considered strategic for the activities and development plans of biotech SMEs, and for the R&D activities of research centres in Sardinia. They are set to become local, national and international reference facilities for the study of innovative processes supporting the following industry chains: agri-food, veterinary medicine, biomedical, environment and health sectors.

Interaction and technology transfer between research centres and enterprises are supported through programmes for industrial research, with experimental applications possessing significant commercial potential, conducted at the Park and in collaboration with biotech companies.