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Results and figures

Building 1 - Science and Technology Park of Sardinia (Pula)
Main figures of the Technology Park
THE HQ AT PULA (Cagliari)
Grounds = 160 ha
Total covered surface area = 21,335 sqm
Tenancy capacity = 16,658 sqm
Tenants = 38
Staff = more than 450

Grounds = 3.5 ha
Total covered surface area = 10,928 sqm
Tenancy capacity = 4,838 sqm
Tenants = 22
Staff = more than 80

Achievements of the Technology Park
The Park, which opened in 2003, has already achieved important milestones:

- Two centres: approximately 90% of the spaces available for tenancy have been assigned, and new premises will soon be available for tenancy at the main centre in building 8 whose construction was accomplished in December 2010
- More than 60 tenant organisations: many of these are early stage companies attracted from other Italian and European regions. Indeed the Technology Park of Sardinia ranks first among Italian technology parks as to number of biotech tenants (Assobiotec-Ernst&Young "BioInItaly 2010" Report)
- One of the most powerful computing clusters in Italy: 137 TFlops and 5 PetaBytes of disk space
- About 600 people form a community of researchers, entrepreneurs and technology developers sharing a common development goal
- Nine Italian researchers, seven of whom Sardinian, have returned to the Island thanks to programmes aimed at fighting the brain drain
- Hundreds of research and innovation projects have been implemented by tenant organisations
- About 1.000 patent information and 235 IP search services have been delivered to local entrepreneurs in the last three years
- Almost 400 personalised consultancies on intellectual property have been delivered in the last three years
- 94 technology offers and requests by Island enterprises and research centres have been promoted on a European scale and 20 transnational technology transfers have been successfully implemented
- More than 500 events have been organised at our centres and several outreach and technology transfer initiatives have been promoted in the regional territory.