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Meeting of professionals under the trees of the Park
The main centre at Pula currently hosts 38 enterprises and research centres operating in the following sectors: ICTs, Biomedicine, Health Technologies, Bioinformatics and Energy, employing more than 500 staff overall. The Alghero centre hosts 22 enterprises and research centres operating in the following sectors: ICTs, Biomedicine, Health Technologies and Industrial Biotechnologies, employing about 80 staff overall.
Binary code Cybersar Consortium (Northern Sardinia computing node)
Cybersar is a consortium for supercomputing, computational modelling and database management.
It is a software company that develops and manages innovative telematic platforms, able to foster communities of users with common information-sharing interests. It works mainly in the fields of public health and legal rights.
Image on ICTs FlossLab srl
FlossLab srl is a spin-off of Cagliari University which offers software solutions for workflow digitization and document scanning.
Graphical representation of digital recognition GLOBI snc
GLOBI designs and develops software systems and applications and provides specialist consultancy services. It has acquired considerable know-how in specific sectors such as software development in Microsoft.NET environments, industrial automation, home automation and robotics.
Applying cream on a woman's hand Icnoderm srl
ICNODERM operates in the sector of topical formulation and dermal delivery, with special regard to applications in the cosmetics and medical device sector.
Girls playing with their smart phone iCoolhunt srl
iCoolhunt srl is a web and mobile application service provider. The company itself is named after one of its leading products, the multiplatform social game iCoolhunt.
Researcher working in a lab Inpeco
Inpeco is a leading company in the automation of clinical laboratories. It designs and manufactures systems that allow complete automation of analytical workflow.
Ladybug on a leaf Intrachem Production srl
Intrachem produces and sells plant nutrients and organic pesticides for agricultural use.
Binary code Iuniperus srl
Iuniperus delivers innovative IT solutions to enterprises and the public administration. It specialises in particular in the design, implementation and management of IT systems, network and security services and infrastructure.
Computer aided engineering: a space shuttle KARALIT srl
KARALIT operates as an independent software house in the computer aided engineering market with initial focus on computational fluid dynamics.
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