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The four sites of the Technology Park of Sardinia

Building 2, Sardegna Ricerche, Technology Park of Sardinia 
The Sardinia Science and Technology Park has four locations. The main site in Pula, Southern Sardinia, spreads over 160 hectares in the midst of a nature park. The Alghero site, in northern Sardinia, is located in a pristine area of 3.5 hectares overlooking the sea. The Macchiareddu site, located in the industrial park of the same name, focuses on energy research activities. The Torregrande site, on the coast of the province of Oristano, hosts research and advanced training in aquaculture and algae production.

The main site in Pula, near Cagliari, close to the south-western coast of Sardinia, has six buildings. The Alghero site consists of three blocks and is managed by the company Porto Conte Ricerche.

The Pula and Alghero centres, in addition to office and lab spaces, also feature technology platforms and communal areas such as reception, canteen, bar, guestrooms, conference rooms and classrooms.