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Solar Concentration and Hydrogen from RES Laboratory

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This laboratory pursues research, development and technology transfer activities in the sector of small and medium-sized concentration solar power installations, power and hydrogen generation from renewable energy sources, cogeneration via fuel cells and innovative systems for the storage of hydrogen, electricity and thermal energy.

The first section, concerning concentrating solar power technologies, is engaged in research on innovative thermal energy storage systems, heat transfer fluids and thermal storage materials, thermodynamic cycles and the performance of concentrating solar plants. The second section pursues research on energy technologies for obtaining hydrogen from RES and on fuel cells. Both sections study strategies for the operation of hybrid microgrids, with a focus on the storage of hydrogen and on thermal and electrochemical energy storage.

One of the aims of the laboratory is to implement at a pilot scale the entire hydrogen production, storage and use chain, by developing technologies and components for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC) generation, for storage in hydridic and gaseous phase and for polymeric electrolyte and solid oxide fuel cells. The systems are designed to improve performance in terms of useful life and efficiency, considering the problems associated with stationary and mobile applications.

The laboratory is equipped with a system for generation from renewable sources consisting of an 8 KWp PV plant, a 3 KWp mini wind turbine, storage systems, inverters and systems for operation of the plant in island mode. The laboratory’s key technology includes:
- hydrogen generators (PEMFC)
- tanks for hydrogen storage in gaseous phase (61 Nm3) and in hydridic phase (760 sl, 13 bar)
- PEMFC stacks with full set of instruments
- 6 kW PEMFC UPS system
- test station for charging and operating low-power fuel cells used for the development of new components
- equipment for the synthesis and chemical characterisation of materials.

The laboratory is also equipped with devices for the electrochemical diagnostics of the operation of the gas generator and the fuel cells. More specifically, it has systems for analysis of the composition of gases produced by the hydrogen generator and of cell waste gases, as well as devices for the characterization of individual plant components.

Lab for solar concentration and hydrogen from RES technologies
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