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Assistance for participation in R&D programmes

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Sardegna Ricerche manages the local European Research helpdesk. The desk provides information, training, documentation and advice on European R&D and innovation programmes and initiatives. Through the desk, Sardegna Ricerche is a member of APRE, the Agency for the Promotion of European Research.

Sardegna Ricerche is also local node of Enterprise Europe Network through ELSE Consortium, which groups 8 partners from two Italian regions (Lazio and Sardinia) providing assistance and support to companies and research centres for the spread and transfer of new technologies and the results of European research. Through Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), Sardegna Ricerche provides information on European programmes for the promotion of research and innovation.

Lastly, Sardegna Ricerche and its partners participate in support actions provided for by the European Commission’s Framework Programmes for Research and Technology Development, aimed at encouraging the participation of SMEs in European-scale research.