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Metabolic profile of Vermentino grape berries

A team of researchers at Porto Conte Ricerche investigated the metabolomic profile of a clonal selection of Vermentino grape berries, which have been widely studied in terms of their genetics and agronomics. Quantitative NMR and statistical analysis of the experimental data has pointed out that, among the investigated sources of variation, the position of the berries within the bunch mainly influences the metabolic profile of berries, while the metabolic profile does not seem to be significantly influenced by growing area and clone.

In order to accomplish the study, seven selections of Vermentino were harvested from the same vineyard. Berries were stored and extracted following an unbiased extraction protocol. Extracts were analyzed to investigate variability in metabolites concentration as a function of the clone, the position of the berries in the bunch or the growing area within the vineyard.

The results of the study have been published on the Journal of Agricolture and Food Chemistry. The article is named "NMR Analysis of Seven Selections of Vermentino Grape Berry: Metabolites Composition and Development". The goal of this work was to study via NMR the unaltered metabolic profile of Sardinian Vermentino grape berry. The research team, which includes Roberto Anedda and Luca Pretti and other researchers from Porto Conte Ricerche - Gilberto Mulas, Maria Grazia Galaffu, Roberto Tonelli - worked in cooperation with their collegues from the University of Sassari, Gianni Nieddu and Luca Mercenaro.

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