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Renewable Energy Cluster Project

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The project Renewable Energy Cluster is managed by Sardegna Ricerche in the framework of the activity line 6.1.1.a of ROP ERDF 2007-2013 "Promotion of and support to the R&D activity of Innovation Clusters and Strategic Projects".

The project leverages the know-how and technology made available by the Renewable Energy Platform and focuses on the following themes
- integration and management of renewable energy sources in local electrical systems
- analysis, monitoring and development of smart micro-grids fed by renewable sources
- small-scale independent power grids
- electric mobility and its integration with small-scale independent power grids
- photovoltaic energy
- biofuels and biomass
- thermodynamic solar systems (concentrating solar power)
- energy storage (electrochemical, thermal, mechanical, hydrogen)
- energy efficiency and energy saving by businesses

Sardegna Ricerche makes available to project participants the human resources, competences and technology of the renewable energies platform, which has laboratories, scientific instruments, equipment and know-how for collective use.

The general objective of the Renewable Energy Cluster project is to develop, deploy and test innovative methods and solutions for energy saving and, in general terms for the rational use and optimisation of the processes for the management and integration of electrical and thermal energy in activities and production processes.

The aim of the project is to implement testing, development, technology transfer and innovation in the energy management sector - with a focus on promoting the innovative and rational use of renewable energy sources, and their planning and integration with the local energy system - and in the technology areas covered by the relevant platform laboratories.

The project comprises the following phases:
Phase 1 – Disseminating information and recruiting participants
Phase 2 – Participatory planning
Phase 3 – Implementation of sub-projects
Phase 4 – Dissemination of results and planning of follow-up.

Participation in the project is on an "open door" basis, meaning that those who did not send in an expression of interest by the deadline may join the project at a later date.

Project activities will end by 31 December 2015.

For further information please write to:
Indirizzo emailcluster@sardegnaricerche.it