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Idrostudi Srl

Idrostudi Srl
Parco scientifico e tecnologico della Sardegna, Building 2, Piscinamanna - 09010 Pula (CA) - Italy

Established in 2002, Idrostudi is an engineering company providing consultancy and R&D services for the optimal management of water resources and flood control.

Competencies e technologies
Idrostudi's team, which currently includes more than 30 engineers specialising in hydraulics and the environment, has advanced skills and experience in the following fields: design and optimisation of water supply and sewerage networks, smart real-time monitoring, leak and pressure management in the water supply network, identification of contaminated water in the sewerage system, single and multi-dimensional numerical modelling, small-scale physical modelling of the interaction of watercourses with built structures, hydrological and hydrogeological studies, network surveys and GIS. The company is able to propose high-quality, innovative solutions thanks to its outstanding R&D activities, which have also earned it international recognition. Among the research projects developed over the years, especially significant was SEDITRANS, a Marie Curie Innovative Training Network project funded under FP7-PEOPLE, in which Idrostudi participated as an industrial beneficiary. The research activities, carried out in close collaboration with academic research bodies, have enabled Idrostudi to establish its operations at the AREA Science Park (Trieste) and at Sardegna Ricerche’s Science Park.

Products, services and applications
The company operates in the water supply and sewerage network sector, providing highly specialised services aimed at optimising management. Over the years, the company has engineered the national and international university know-how on utility networks, rapidly becoming a reliable provider in the field of utility network numerical modelling, design and optimisation.

Idrostudi has its core business in the design and numerical modelling of water supply, gas, urban drainage and reclamation networks, river systems using single and multi-dimensional models, floodable areas, slope stability, groundwater. It also provides hydraulic and environmental engineering services, design support, surveys in preparation for the analysis of water supply and sewerage networks and checks on spillway structures. Idrostudi is certified by BSI under UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 for the design and supply of services and consultancy in the field of environmental and hydraulic engineering.

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