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Una pecora nel gregge 
Registered office: Via Oristano, 2
place of business c/o Multiline Srl - Pistoia
Technology Park of Sardinia, Building 2
Località Piscinamanna – 09050 Pula (CA)
Indirizzo emailinfo@brebey.it


Brebey develops innovative sheep's wool products. In Italy, around 9,000 tonnes of sheep wool are produced annually, 48% of which in Sardinia alone; in the Mediterranean basin, the total supply of this type of wool is around 210,000 tonnes per year. Since it comes from animals bred for milk and meat production, the wool produced in Italy and in the Mediterranean is of very poor quality; therefore it is not suitable for textile production and is often discarded.

Competencies e technologies
With the support of researchers from the DICAAR Department of Territorial Engineering at the University of Cagliari, Brebey has designed and developed an innovative technology to produce natural products with thermal insulation and soundproofing properties similar to those of the best synthetic and mineral insulators available on the market, and offering superior performance in terms of efficiency, as wool-based materials are safe and sustainable for both man and the environment. Brebey has obtained a patent for this technology and has already passed the prior art check stage to obtain a second international patent. Tecnolana S has proven mechanical strength and elasticity. It is also easy to transport with vacuum packaging and easy to apply at the building sites.
Thus, the products developed meet two important needs of the construction industry and its market: reduce energy consumption by buildings and reduce the consumption linked to the production of synthetic insulators, which causes serious pollution.
Brebey has developed two additional product lines:
- clothing and furniture (padded jackets and duvets).
- products for soil remediation and absorption and recovery of oil spills.

Products, services e applications
Brebey produces highly innovative and efficient insulation systems, some of which are already on the market, which protect living and working spaces from outside temperatures, noise and humidity while fully respecting nature.

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