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Building 1 of the Technology Park
Originating from the joint commitment of the Autonomous Regional Government of Sardinia and the European Union, the Science and Technology Park of Sardinia, is a system of advanced facilities and services fostering innovation, development and the industrialisation of research.
The Park is managed by Sardegna Ricerche (the former Consorzio Ventuno) the regional R&TD agency which set it up.

With two main centres and more than 60 tenant companies and research centres, it is one of the largest science parks in Italy, ranking first among Italian technology parks as to number of biotech tenants (Assobiotec-Ernst&Young "BioInItaly 2010" Report).

The Science and Technology Park of Sardinia specialises in three areas:
- Information and Communication Technologies
- Biotechnologies: ranging from biomedicine to agro-industrial biotechnologies and bioinformatics
- Renewable energies.

The Park promotes the region's economic development by leveraging on technology innovation and knowledge. It supports companies, research centres and agencies wishing to carry out research and experimental production in their respective sectors. In particular, it is open to entrepreneurs and researchers wishing to set up new companies or pursue innovative projects exploiting the results of research.

For this purpose, it makes available multifunctional spaces, equipped laboratories, reception, logistic and general support services, as well as technology development services.

The Park is also equipped with:
- Technology platforms
- A technology incubator for biomedical companies (Bioincubator)
- An ICT Farm
- One of the most powerful computing clusters in Italy: 137 TFlops and 5 PetaBytes of disk space
- A PATLIB centre
- A Documentation centre
- A centralised Science Library

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