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Meeting of professionals under the trees of the Park
The main centre at Pula currently hosts 38 enterprises and research centres operating in the following sectors: ICTs, Biomedicine, Health Technologies, Bioinformatics and Energy, employing more than 500 staff overall. The Alghero centre hosts 22 enterprises and research centres operating in the following sectors: ICTs, Biomedicine, Health Technologies and Industrial Biotechnologies, employing about 80 staff overall.
Hand on palm phone 3C Lab srl
3C Lab is a spin-off of 3 Caravelle srl, an ICT service provider which has been operating in Milan since the year 2000.
Image on the theme of cybersecurity Abissi
Abissi is an innovative start-up founded in 2014 to establish in Sardinia a company with high expertise in the field of cyber security.
Touchscreen Alkemy Tech
Alkemy Tech is the technological core of Alkemy S.p.A., specialising in the design and development of technologies for the digital evolution of B2B and B2C channels.
An athlete in motion Area 3 srl
Area 3 provides services for assessment of human neuromuscular performance, consultancy in the research and development of specific new technologies, and delivers training and updating on topics related to human movement.
Escherichia Coli bacteria on a Petri dish ASI srl
ASI - Attrezzature Scientifiche Innnovative designs and develops systems for rapid cell detection and counting in fluid samples.
Farfalla posata su un fiore Bioecopest srl
Bioecopest develops natural innovative solutions to meet the growing demand for environmentally friendly pest management products.
Training of medical staff CardioSim
The Advanced Cardiology Simulation Centre - CardioSim provides students,
medical and nursing staff of local health authorities and hospitals with theoretical and practical training for the management of cardiovascular emergencies.
Laboratorio di Visual computing CRS4 - Center for Advanced Studies, Research and Development in Sardinia
Established in the 1990s, CRS4 is a multi-disciplinary R&D centre operating in the sector of enabling computing technologies applied to biomedicine, biotechnology, the information society, energy and the environment.
Binary code Cybersar Consortium (Northern Sardinia computing node)
Cybersar is a consortium for supercomputing, computational modelling and database management.
It is a software company that develops and manages innovative telematic platforms, able to foster communities of users with common information-sharing interests. It works mainly in the fields of public health and legal rights.
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