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The Intellectual Property Info Centre

The Intellectual Property Info Centre was established in 2012, based on the ten-year experience of Sardegna Ricerche's PatLib Centre, set up at its Nuoro branch in 2001, and of the Documentation centre and PIP (Patent Information Point) established in Pula (Cagliari) in 2003 at the Technology Park of Sardinia.

As a partner of the European network of PatLib - patent information centres, this Info Centre is accredited by the Ministry of Economic Development. The PatLib network, a joint effort of the European Patent Office (EPO), the national patent offices and the regional centres participating in the initiative, has the mission of disseminating patent information in Europe and promoting knowledge of patent literature.

The Info Centre provides services in the field of patents, trademarks, designs and copyright. It also plans and implements various other activities including: document searches, expert support for open-access database searches, seminars and publishing activity. The Centre has three offices: one at the Services Centre of the Science and Technology Park of Sardinia in Pula (province of Cagliari), one in Cagliari and one in Nuoro.

The Centre provides its services to:
- Small and medium-sized businesses with at least one operational office in Sardinia
- public and private research centres based in Sardinia
- researchers, designers, inventors and professionals residing in Sardinia or who perform their activities mainly in the region
- Regional authorities responsible for implementing research and development policies.

The Centre operates on platform PuntoCartesiano (www.puntocartesiano.it). To access the online services, users need to register using the form accessible from any page of the portal.

Information and contacts
Indirizzo emailipdesk@sardegnaricerche.it
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