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Technology development services

Staff of Sardegna Ricerche at work
The mission of the Technology Park of Sardinia is to support the development and integration of know-how, innovation and technology transfer among Park tenant organisations and those operating in the whole Region. To this end, it delivers technology development services including: information, training, assistance in preparing R&D projects, technology transfer, communication and marketing.
Technical and scientific information services (delivered through technology brokerage events, thematic meetings, sector workshops, information events on R&D programmes and the publication of a newsletter) and library and documentation services (reference search, consultation and loan of journals and books, document delivery, patent and trademark information, etc).
Training and development
Polaris facilitates access to regional HR development programmes and delivers advanced education and training (postgraduate master courses), technical and scientific updating and HR training. These services are available to both tenant organisations, which can also obtain assistance in the sourcing of qualified staff, and to businesses and laboratories located throughout the Region.
Assistance in preparing R&D projects
Sardegna Ricerche operates the local European Research Desk, a gateway to information, training, documentation and advice on EU R&D and technological innovation programmes.
Technology transfer
Sardegna Ricerche delivers patenting and intellectual property protection services, post-patenting assistance and miscellaneous support services (promotion of the new technologies in Italy and abroad; advice and assistance in licensing, acquisition and sale of patented technologies, participation in and organisation of technology brokerage events).
Communication and marketing
Sardegna Ricerche sources and involves national and international partners in new collaborative projects and research activities with Park tenants, promotes the establishment of new national and international R&D and hi-tech ventures at Polaris, promotes Park tenants and the technologies, products and services they develop, assists them in media relations and facilitates their contacts with the institutions.