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Science outreach

A child’s close look at lab vials
To bring the world of research and technologies closer to the general public, Sardegna Ricerche and its partners open their doors to visitors and students, organise a rich calendar of science outreach events, support science education through collaboration with schools, and set up courses, events and initiatives involving the representatives of institutions, research centres, universities, companies and educational bodies.
Science awareness at the Park Science outreach projects and events
Sardegna Ricerche and its partners are firmly convinced that the link between the world of research and schools is essential for encouraging science awareness. That is why we have set up a specific outreach programme fostering communication between advanced research and the school.
Guided visits to the Technology Park Guided tours to the main campus of the Technology Park
Sardegna Ricerche organises guided visits of the Technology Park of Sardinia, free of charge for schoolchildren and for agencies, companies and professionals. Visitors can watch an introductory video providing an overview of the history and activities of the Park; explore, accompanied by the researchers, the laboratories of the companies and research centres located in the Park and visit thematic exhibitions on the areas of specialisation.