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Meeting participants in the Auditorium of Sardegna Ricerche
Find out about events organised and promoted by Sardegna Ricerche, its partners and Technology Park tenants. These pages only list international events or those with English as the official language. The full list of events is available on the Italian version of this website.
Researcher and electronic microscope01.09.2012 - EMBO Practical Course - Ubiquitin & SUMO
IFOM with the European Molecular Biology Organization and Porto Conte Ricerche, are organizing this course at Alghero's branch of the Sardinian Science and Technology Park.
Countryside02.07.2012 - Sustainable Energy Development: The Present Situation and Possible Paths to the Future
PULA (CA) - 15:00 hrs
The seminar will be run by Noam Lior, professor at the University of Pennsylvania.
Human eye and binary code16.05.2012 - One 2 One Partnering Event @ Eurographics 2012
CAGLIARI - 10:00 hrs
This event, aimed at fostering business opportunities and matching, is co-located with Eurographics, the Annual Conference of the European Association for Computer Graphics.
DNA14.05.2012 - Gene signature of regulatory cells
PULA (CA) - 12:00 hrs
The seminar "Gene signature of regulatory cells: adaptive Tr1 cells and tolerogenic DC-10", run by Silvia Gregori (HSR-TIGET), is organized by CRS4.
Research laboratory24.04.2012 - Bioethics and Research in Biomedicine
PULA (CA) - 11:00 hrs
This seminar, organized by the Centro di Bioetica clinica del Mediterraneo, will be moderated by Stuart Youngner from the Case Western University Reserve.
Researcher holding a Petri dish15.04.2012 - ENII, EFIS/EJI Spring School in Advanced Immunology
ALGHERO (SS) - 09:00 hrs
In collaboration with Porto Conte Ricerche, ENII, is organizing the 7th Spring School in Advanced Immunology from 15 to 22 April 2012 in Alghero.
DNA21.10.2011 - UniProtKB and the Processes of Protein Biocuration
PULA (CA) - 11:00 hrs
The seminar, run by Lionel Breuza (Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics), is organised by Sardegna Ricerche for the series "Scientific Seminars in Biomedicine".
A molecule28.09.2011 - Small Molecules in Bioinformatics
PULA (CA) - 09:30 hrs
This workshop is organised by Sardegna Ricerche and the European Bioinformatics Institute within the activities promoted by the Enterprise Europe Network.
Hand pointing at chemical bonds27.09.2011 - Drug Design Targeting HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase
PULA (CA) - 11:00 hrs
The seminar, run by Edward Arnold (Center for Advanced Biotechnology and Medicine, Rutgers University), is promoted by the Enterprise Europe Network and organised by Sardegna Ricerche for the series "Scientific Seminars in Biomedicine".
Overlay Difference Gel Electroforesis07.09.2011 - International Summer school on Proteomics
Porto Conte Ricerche is organizing the Inaugural Summer school on Proteomics from 7 to 11 September 2011 in Alghero, at the local branch of the Technology Park of Sardinia.
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