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Technology platforms

A researcher using the microscope
The technology platforms: an essential tool for innovation
The technology platforms consist of scientific equipment, machinery and know-how for collective use; they represent major technology innovation tools, promote R&D activity and support the expansion of the competencies and laboratory capabilities of Park tenants and of the local scientific and business community at large.
Bioinformatics platform Bioinformatics
The Bioinformatics platform provides access to essential bio-IT applications and resources for biomedical research, in particular personalised medicine.
Food technology and microbial biotechnology platform Food technology and microbial biotechnology
This platform comprises several units delivering a range of services to the agrifood industry and allied sectors including for instance the development of new products and processes, optimisation of existing processes, extraction of compounds by ecologically sound methods, and development of innovative packaging systems.
Genotyping platform of the Technology Park of Sardinia Genotyping and massive sequencing
It provides partnerships, scientific and technological know-how, advanced plant for biomedical research in general, and personalised medicine in particular.
High throughput screening platform High throughput screening
This platform was established within the Bioincubator, a facility designed to host and support new business initiatives in the field of biomedicine and health technologies.
ICT platform Information and communication technologies (ICT)
It operates in the following research areas: Internet data center, Internet access and security, high-performance computing, storage and backup, scientific imaging.
Magnetic resonance and analytical chemistry platform Magnetic resonance and analytical chemistry
The platform is equipped for performing tests and delivering services for food certification applications and, in more general terms, for structural and functional studies on isolated biological molecules and macromolecules, as well as studies "in vivo". Equipment includes a high-resolution NMR spectrometer and a micro-imaging spectrometer.
Pharmacology platform Pharmacology
This platform focuses its activities on the barrier and semi-barrier research animal facilities at the Park, equipped for holding small lab animals in standard conditions.
Proteomics and immunoproteomics platform Proteomics and immunoproteomics
This platform, operated by Porto Conte Ricerche, is currently one of the most comprehensive and state-of-the-art laboratories in Italy and its services address both systematic proteomics and differential proteomics.
Prototyping and medical devices platform Rapid prototyping and medical devices
A fully-fledged lab for medical devices and medical systems, equipped for the development of biomedical applications.