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4CMultimedia srl

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Science and Technology Park of Sardinia
ICT Farm, Edificio 1
Loc. Piscinamanna - 09010 Pula (CA) - Italy
Phone +39 070 9243.2628/2629
Indirizzo email4cmultimedia@gmail.com
ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies).

4CMultimedia srl is a start-up company that designs and implements online solutions for service delivery to third parties. It has built up considerable experience in developing service-delivery platforms designed to manage multimedia contents, and is currently strengthening its position in the sector of local web services (local productions, energy, environment, transport).

Its strategic objective is to consolidate a portfolio of online services within a business model where 4CMultimedia supports enterprises wishing to market their products or services on the internet but lacking the required know-how or infrastructure, or which need to develop a network approach to business.

Competencies and technologies
The business plan was to exploit the knowledge and expertise built up by the partners across a range of ICT areas over the past 15 years: ranging from the design and deployment of networks and systems, to the development of medium and large-scale information systems and service platforms, and to the management of complex infrastructure.

The technology solutions developed to date are based on personalisation of various application frameworks, including jAPS2.0/Entando for portal infrastructures, Argilla for territorial modelling and the NotreDAM Digital Asset Management suite of Sardegna DistrICT for the management of digital contents.

Products, services and applications
4CMultimedia is currently finalising two development lines:
1. A prototype for integrating the NotreDAM and jAPS2.0/Entando frameworks, to represent digital contents. This prototype includes NotreDAM as content management framework, while it relies on jAPS2.0/Entando for content delivery to external users. This prototype is the basis for the current development of a platform for the online sale of local products.
2. Consolidation of the Argilla framework to generate local data maps relating to transport and energy networks.

Within these development lines, 4CMultimedia is already organised to deliver specialist training on the relevant technologies.