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Technology Park

The Tower at the entrance to the Science and Technology Park
Originating from the commitment of the Autonomous Regional Government of Sardinia and the European Union, the Science and Technology Park of Sardinia, is a system of advanced facilities and services fostering innovation, development and the industrialisation of research.
The Technology Park has two centres, each located in a strategic geographic area and well served by transport links. The main centre is located in the territory of Pula, in the hinterland of Cagliari, close to the South-western coast of Sardinia. Its grounds cover an area of 160 ha, set in a nature park at the foot of the Sulcis mountain range. The Alghero centre, in Northern Sardinia, is situated in 3.5 ha of pristine countryside, facing the sea.
Platforms and services
The Technology Park of Sardinia has ten technology platforms comprising laboratories, scientific machinery and equipment and know-how available for use by all tenants and local enterprises. Besides general logistics, maintenance, tenancy and guest services, the Park offers a broad range of specialised services for technology development.
The main centre at Pula currently hosts 38 enterprises and research centres operating in the following sectors: ICTs, Biomedicine, Health Technologies, Bioinformatics and Energy, employing more than 500 staff overall. The Alghero centre hosts 22 enterprises and research centres operating in the following sectors: ICTs, Biomedicine, Health Technologies and Industrial Biotechnologies, employing about 80 staff overall.
Tenancy opportunities
Businesses and research centres can locate their operations in one of the four centres of the Science and Technology Park of Sardinia and take advantage of the many services on offer. From this section you can download the Tenancy Guide, with detailed information on terms and conditions together with the tenancy application form.
The library is mainly for the use of technical and scientific experts, but it also includes a popular science section enabling adults and children alike to learn more about science and technology.
The Intellectual Property Info Centre
Thanks to targeted tools and specialised staff, the Documentation centre offers reliable, up-to-the-minute and comprehensive responses to the researchers, entrepreneurs and inventors of Sardinia, monitoring all stages of a given technology from research to marketing.
Conference facilities
The Park centres offer a variety of conference venues and facilities for holding meetings, seminars, conferences, exhibitions and training events. The basic requirement is that such events be consistent with the Park's mission. Besides facilities, the Technology Park of Sardinia offers services such as technical assistance and secretarial services, as well as miscellaneous equipment. Both campuses also provide a limited number of rooms for guest accommodation.
Guided tours
Sardegna Ricerche organises guided visits of the Park free of charge for schoolchildren of all ages and for agencies, companies and professionals. Visitors can watch an introductory video providing an overview of the Park’s history and activities; explore, accompanied by the researchers, the laboratories of the companies, agencies and research centres located in Polaris and visit thematic exhibitions on the Park’s areas of specialisation.
This section lists all contacts for obtaining general information on the Technology Park of Sardinia and indications on how to reach the centres.