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Research, innovation and startup

Visitors to the main campus of Sardegna Ricerche
Research, innovation and startup
Sardegna Ricerche and its partners have focused on research, innovation and business development to promote the growth of the island's economy, delivering advanced services to R&D centres and enterprises.
Research & innovation
This section illustrates the services available from Sardegna Ricerche and its partners for research and technology development, organisational and management innovation, service innovation and product and process innovation. It also contains a description of services for technology brokerage, internationalisation and the creation of innovative start-ups and spin-offs.
Sardegna Ricerche and its partners offer a broad range of information and documentation services: ranging from prior art searches to reference, technical and scientific documentation searches, to assistance for participation in R&D programmes.
Education & training
Sardegna Ricerche and its partners collaborate with universities in organising training placements and advanced specialisation postgraduate courses. They assist the Region of Sardinia in the delivery of postgraduate courses, organise advanced training seminars and technical-scientific updating seminars for enterprises and promote researcher mobility.
Science outreach
To bring the world of research and technologies closer to the general public, Sardegna Ricerche and its partners open their doors to visitors and students, organise a rich calendar of science outreach events, support science education through collaboration with schools, and set up courses, events and initiatives involving the representatives of institutions, research centres, universities, companies and educational bodies.