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Athlos s.r.l.

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Athlos s.r.l.

Science and Technology Park of Sardinia, Edificio 1
Loc. Piscinamanna - 09010 Pula (CA) - Italy
Indirizzo emailalessandro.frulio@athlos.biz

Athlos srl was founded at the end of 2007 by its two joint owners, Marina Adamo and Alessandro Frulio. The company focuses on those ICT sectors which have an impact on artificial intelligence techniques as a whole. In particular, it works on techniques enabling knowledge processing, management and representation.
Accordingly, Athlos not only uses traditional knowledge management techniques, but has also introduced the use of virtual assistants and semantic engines based on AI systems, to add to cutting-edge technologies the intelligence and human dimension necessary to optimise communication. In particular, Athlos aims to develop solutions, processes, dynamics, interactions and products making it possible to improve each level of communication between people and technology, focusing on sharing and expanding knowledge.

Competencies and technologies
The main sectors covered are the design and development of technology tools for knowledge management, representation, processing and use. Athlos does this by developing innovative solutions based on models derived from the science of complex systems and from artificial intelligence.

Products, services and applications
The products and services offered by Athlos revolve around the delivery of innovative solutions and targeted consultancy. Athlos has implemented the following technologies:
- AIKA - Artificial Intelligence for Knowledge Assistance – A multilanguage Virtual Assistance platform which enables users, via voice interaction, to receive appropriate replies to specific queries and/or to request execution of specific actions. The services available on the AIKA platform can be accessed via the company website, smartphone app and/or computer kiosk.

- SEMANTIC ENGINE – The semantic engine developed by our company enables searches on the basis of a question asked by the user in natural language, displaying the search results. The engine is able to generate these results thanks to its ability to organise the information contained in the query into a concept map created via syntactic analysis.

- 3D MODEL – We design and develop characters, 3D animations and images, rendering and modelling, 2D character animation for the web, internet, game development, CD-ROM, multimedia DVDs, video-audio presentations and digital videos.

- PROXIMA – This is the engine we are currently developing for question, paragraph and answer processing. This product will be applicable to both open domain and limited domain systems.

Useful links
Athlos – Official website