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Best Green Technologies

Due mani contenenti fertilizzante organico
Best Green Technologies

Science and Technology Park of Sardinia, Edificio 3
Loc. Piscinamanna - 09010 Pula (CA) - Italy
Indirizzo emailinfo@bgtechno.com


Best Green Technologies (B.G.T.) develops, manufactures and sells highly environmentally-friendly fertilizers and resistance inductors. Products include nutrition products, products to strengthen endogenous plant defence and soil biochemistry improvers. All the company’s products share some key features: they are highly eco-friendly, help to minimise recourse to agrochemicals, support the recovery of dry and marginal areas, help to rationalize the use of water resources and safeguard aquifers, and help to reduce soil and water pollution which cause bio-programmability; thus, they help to reduce leaching phenomena.

Competencies and technologies
Development of new fertilizers from humic acid derivatives, of biostimulants, nutritional products and new energising natural products, which are highly stable and eco-friendly. Our products are sold through sales agents and online on our website

Products, services and applications
Plant nutrition products and resistance inductors made from humic and biostimulant substances with plant extracts. Development and optimization of formulations for agriculture.

Link utili
Best Green Tecnologies - Official website