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Magnetic resonance and analytical chemistry

Magnetic resonance and analytical chemistry platform
The platform is equipped for performing tests and delivering services for food certification applications and, in more general terms, for structural and functional studies on isolated biological molecules and macromolecules, as well as studies "in vivo". Equipment includes a high-resolution NMR spectrometer and a micro-imaging spectrometer.

Applications include:
- identification of biomarkers as early diagnostic indicators of pathological conditions prior to onset of clinical symptoms
- molecular imaging and structural analysis of foodstuffs and fabrics
- nutritional characterisation of traditional foods, identification of their nutritional qualities, link with the territory and characteristic processes
- development of methods and devices for fast detection of unwanted substances such as bacteria and GMOs in animal and vegetable foodstuffs for human consumption
- identification of the elements of tastiness and flavour of traditional foods, the factors generating them and enhancement of tastiness and sensory qualities
- use of analytical chemistry for the industrial toxicology and environmental sectors.

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Avance 600 MHz
Bruker AVANCE spectrometer operating at a proton frequency of 600 MHz.
The instrument is provided with an XYZ gradient system and gradient-shimming, and has 3 probes: QXI 5 mm (1H, 13C, 15N and 31P), BroadBand 5 mm (1H and BB) and LC 4 mm (1H and 13C) which can be interfaced with HPLC for analysing very small sample volumes (40 mL).
Main applications are characterisation of components in any type of complex mixture and characterisation of synthetic and natural organic compounds.

Micro Imaging 300 MHz
Bruker AVANCE spectrometer operating at a proton frequency of 300 MHz, and equipped with a single channel probe (1H) which can hold samples sized up to 3 cm. Its applications address foodstuffs, mainly fruit and vegetables and bakery products, and focus on studies of their conservation conditions and on non-invasive analyses of their internal characteristics (morphological structure, damage, etc.).

Combined LC-Ion Trap/Ec Ion trap systems
The system, thanks to its great versatility and modularity can perform separation, structural characterisation and quantification of a large range of analytes.
The microflow HPLC with syringe pumps (1-4000 ml/min), autosampler with column compartment, thermostatted sample holder and Diode-Array detector meets all classic testing requirements.
Capillary electrophoresis, complete with autosampler, variable wavelength UV-Vis detector and laser induced fluorescence detector brings together the technique's remarkable separation capability with the high sensitivity of the laser detector, making it possible to quantify analytes present in concentrations of around 10 M.
Thanks to the various types of sources (ESI, Nano-Spray, APCI), both systems can be coupled with ion trap, thus offering a formidable tool for structural and investigative analysis.

Multidetector HPLC
This system enables qualitative and quantitative analysis of organic compounds of biological, clinical or food interest (pharmaceuticals, biotoxins, vitamins in food samples, pesticides in food poducts).
It includes a system for online degassing of solvents with high performance pumps, a programmable thermostatted autosampler, detectors (diode-Array, fluorimetric, evaporation) and programmable fraction collector.

Atomic Absorption
This system enables accurate determination of metal content in water, food, and biological fluids. Applications range from foodstuff quality control and certification to environmental monitoring and toxicological analysis.
The system includes: programmable autosampler, 4-lamp spectrophotometer with graphite furnace atomiser, and FIAS accessory with quartz cell for hydride analysis.

This device, equipped with programmable autosampler for liquid samples, for head space, SPME, single quadrupole mass analyser, and double ion source (EI, CI), performs confirmation analysis of non thermolabile organic compounds separable by gas chromatography.
It enables the performance of precise procedures both in qualitative mode (SCAN) for substance recognition and in single ion monitoring mode (SIM) with very high sensitivity and selectivity.