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Applied biotech cluster

Lab research on plant extracts
The Applied Biotech Cluster in Northern Sardinia
The Regional Government has promoted the creation of an applied biotech cluster in Northern Sardinia. The aim is to gather together in this geographical area – already marked by the presence of a high number of sector enterprises and research centres – advanced expertise in support of an integrated system fostering research and industry development.
The cluster’s activities target the development of analytical and molecular diagnostics processes, services and products for human and animal health, guaranteeing the traceability and quality of sardinian agri-food products. Actions aim at upgrading the facilities provided in the Alghero centre of the S&T Park and at fostering interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral R&D programmes.
The cluster has three laboratories providing scientific, technological and project support to local research centres and biotech enterprises in food technologies, microbial biotechnologies, magnetic resonance, analytical chemistry, proteomics and immunoproteomics.
Please use this section to contact us for information on the Applied biotech cluster’s activities.