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Sardegna DistrICT’s Technology Labs
Sardegna DistrICT's Technology Labs
The district includes nine technology labs, which are open places for collaboration between companies and the research and innovation system, fostering new business initiatives and the development of innovative technologies.
Ambient intelligence lab Ambient intelligence lab
Wireless, mobile, and surveillance systems, biometric technologies, RFID, etc. have converged to form a new field: Ambient Intelligence, which the lab will apply to the cultural heritage and civil security sectors.
GeoWeb Lab GeoWeb and mobile user experience lab
Synergy between GPS, Web and geo-referenced data makes it possible to locate objects through the web and access data relating to such objects, by means of mobile terminals. GeoWeb 2.0 will provide easy access to the service or information sought as, when and where needed.
ICTs for medicine lab ICTs for medicine lab
This lab supports innovation and technology transfer through demonstration and tutorial activities, as well as through the development of software prototypes. Main activity sectors are distributed infrastructures for clinical applications and visual analysis for pre-surgery and surgery.
Telemicroscopy ICT lab Industrial telemicroscopy lab
The main aim of this lab is the creation of a web-based network for remote sharing of tools and resources; in particular, the resources to be shared are the scanning electron microscopes (SEM) located in the territory of Sardinia.
The Collaborative TV lab Lab for collaborative multiplatform TV programme production
It develops and tests technologies, applications and services for the production, personalisation and distribution of multimedia content, with a focus on video.
Lab for 3D models Lab for the acquisition, distribution and visualisation of complex 3D models
This lab, set up with state-of-the-art equipment, supports innovation and technology transfer results through demonstration and tutorial activities, as well as through the development of software prototypes. Main sectors are: 3D scanning technologies, digital storage and distribution of massive 3D models, editing, visualisation and 3D printing of such models.
the Open media center lab Open media-center lab
The lab consists of a domestic media center platform, based on open source software and standard hardware. This platform, currently being implemented, will be provided with automated remote controls and basic home automation functions.
Open source software ICT lab Open source software lab
This lab will create a team of developers with in-depth experience in the management and creation of open source projects in the field of education, public administration and business management.
Digital content lab Prototype and new digital format production lab
This lab promotes pilot projects in the field of the new media, helping companies upgrade their offer in terms of format diversity, interactivity and creativity.