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CRS4 - Center for Advanced Studies, Research and Development in Sardinia

Laboratorio di Visual computing
CRS4 - Center for Advanced Studies, Research and Development in Sardinia
Science and Technology Park of Sardinia, Edificio 1
Loc. Piscinamanna - 09010 Pula (CA) - Italy
Phone +39 070 9250.1
Fax +39 070 9250.216
Indirizzo emailinfo@crs4.it
ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies).

CRS4 is a multi-disciplinary research centre based in the Science and Technology Park of Sardinia in Pula (CA), with a current staff of 205, both employees and freelancers.

The aim of the Centre is to study, develop and deploy innovative solutions via a multidisciplinary approach, leveraging on highly specialised profiles and areas of expertise. Based on this foundation, CRS4 enters into agreements with universities, business and other research centres, and participates in high-profile national and international projects.

The technology development and scientific research carried out at CRS4 are focused on enabling computing technologies and their applications in the fields of biomedicine, biotechnology, the information society, energy and the environment. These thematic sectors have a high economic and social impact and meet the requirements of the market and of the public, as well as the demand for high-tech products, processes and services.

CRS4 is also a strong attractor for hi-tech companies: many businesses have become tenants at the Science and Technology Park of Sardinia via their contacts and work with the Centre.

One of CRS4’s main strengths is its High Performance Computing (HPC) center, which boasts one of the highest concentrations of computing power in Italy, and thanks to the ultra-high know-how of its staff delivers exceptional flexibility in the use of cutting-edge specialised hardware.

The Centre manages a new-generation high-processivity genotyping and sequencing platform, which is directly linked to its computing resources. This synergy, unique in Italy, allows CRS4 to design and execute analysis procedures for studies of a previously unthinkable magnitude.

Together with computing and network resources, CRS4 has specialised hardware for state-of-the-art data-intensive exploration and analysis. Systems available range from high-resolution visualisation walls to experimental light-field displays delivering full-3D interactive images to several observers at once.

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CRS4 - Center for Advanced Studies, Research and Development in Sardinia