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CRS4 - Center for Advanced Studies, Research and Development in Sardinia

Line of code
CRS4 - Center for Advanced Studies, Research and Development in Sardinia
Science and Technology Park of Sardinia, Edificio 1
Loc. Piscinamanna - 09050 Pula (CA) - Italy
Phone +39 070 9250.1
Fax +39 070 9250.216
Indirizzo emailinfo@crs4.it
ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies).

CRS4 is a multi-disciplinary research centre based in the Science and Technology Park of Sardinia in Pula (CA), which specialises in scientific studies and technology development based on the use of enabling computational technologies and their application in the fields of the information society, energy and environment, biosciences, aerospace, visual and data-intensive computing, computational infrastructure, and smart projects. CRS4 has recently established a research programme related to quantum computing, aimed at cybersecurity, as well as solving complex computational problems that cannot be handled by traditional supercomputers.

These thematic sectors have a high economic and social impact, meet the requirements of the global market and of the local public, and promote the development of new high-tech processes, products and services. The Center's R&D activities take place mainly within the scope of projects which ensure strong synergy between public and social benefit aims as well as adequate economic boosts for the area.

CRS4 currently manages three infrastructures:

- High Performance Computing dedicated to supercomputing, characterised both by a data center capable of hosting up to 5 Petabytes of data and by state-of-the-art computing resources;

- Next Generation Sequencing Core Facility, equipped with one of the largest next-generation sequencers in Italy connected with its own computational resources, capable of performing large-scale operations ranging from data production to data analysis;

- Ubiquitous Digital Platform, operational command and control platform designed to support smart city management, decision making and spatial development planning and emergency response.

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CRS4 - Center for Advanced Studies, Research and Development in Sardinia