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The territory

View of the Pula valley 
The main campus of the Technology Park is located in an area of outstanding environmental value, covering about 160 ha, in the Rio Palaceris valley, at the foot of the Sulcis mountain range, about 3 km from the South-western coast of Sardinia and about 6 km from the town of Pula (CA). The area consists of a strip of land about 500/600 m wide which runs along the course of the Rio Palaceris for about 3.5 km from the crossing of the two current access roads.

The centre was designed by the renowned architects' firm Gregotti Associati International, whose project included actions targeting the protection and enhancement of the natural environment, such as reforestation and re-vegetation of the area and use of environmentally compatible materials. Moreover, to limit the development’s environmental impact, the surfaces covered by buildings and urbanisation works have been limited to 3% of the whole area. All buildings have a maximum height of just 8 metres. Parking lots are underground and the main road was constructed using a special blend of concrete and crushed granite, so as to replicate the colour of the mountain peaks.

The internal road system consists of a single ring road linking all buildings. Along the Park’s boundary, a footpath at 100 m asl has been created, accessible from each of the buildings.