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Facilities and infrastructure

Alghero centre, Technology Park of Sardinia 
Tenancy space for enterprises
The spaces for tenant companies are located in the Research building. The buildings are furnished with desks, cabinets, chairs, data transmission line and phone line. The laboratories, which come in different sizes, are provided with worktops, benches, refrigerator and/or freezer, reagent cabinets, and cabinet for glassware. The setup and furnishings are adapted to suit the companies’ requirements as far as possible.

Internal roads
The campus has a road and dedicated parking spaces for the Research, Guest Quarters and Pilot Plant buildings.

Electrical network
The electrical distribution grid consists of a single medium-voltage delivery point, and a dedicated power transformer unit which feeds the buildings through a power center. The system also has two power generators and two main backup units (UPS) (respectively 100 kVA and 60 kVA) which feed the emergency power lines as well as the computer and data lines.

Fire-fighting network
The fire-fighting system consists of a main network fed from a water tank through electrical pumps, and conveying the water to the hoses located both inside and outside the buildings. The buildings are also equipped with a centralised fire detection system which makes it possible to immediately activate the emergency sprinkler system in the event of fire.

Water supply and sewer network
The Park’s water supply network, which branches off the water main along Provincial road S.P. 55, includes a boosting station, storage tank and the Park’s internal distribution network.
The sewer network conveys the wastewater to the purification plant, while rainwater is discharged into the sea.

Phone and data cabling
The Research and Pilot Plant buildings are interconnected by a fiber optic backbone. The copper phone line backbone links the Pilot Plant, Guest Quarters and Research buildings. There is also audiovisual connection between the Auditorium and Nettuno conference halls. A wireless network is planned for the guest quarters, bar and the auditorium.
The phone line connection is provided by primary ISDN access with 15 channels to be shared by all Park users. A metering system makes it possible to bill users individually. Internet connection is provided by a dedicated 8 Mbps shared by all users, with guaranteed minimum bandwidth of 4 Mbps.

Security systems
Security at the centre is assured by a comprehensive system which includes:
1. general distributed vigilance performed by the Centre’s security service;
2. CCTV surveillance of the main gate and access control in the Research building.