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Electricity Laboratory

Persona mantiene un pannello fotovoltaico orientato verso il Sole 
The main aim of the Electricity Laboratory is to support enterprises and research centres in the electricity sector.

The laboratory has sophisticated equipment and specialised personnel for delivering services in the following specific sectors:
- photovoltaic installations, components and materials
- smart microgrids
- distributed storage
- electrical mobility
- analysis and monitoring of electric power systems and components
- testing of electronic power-regulating devices
- analysis of the quality of the electricity grid
- monitoring of environmental conditions.

Since 2013 the Laboratory has operated and monitored the production of two experimental PV plants, one with hybrid mono-crystalline/amorphous modules and the other high-concentration, both installed at its facilities in Macchiareddu (CA). The former has peak power output of 18.70kW, covers a surface area of about 194m2 and is installed with coplanar design with the two slopes oriented respectively towards the south-east and south-west.

The high-concentration photovoltaic plant (HCPV) has a rated power output of some 6kW and comprises 90 modules, each consisting of 200 triple-junction cells on which radiation is concentrated by means of Fresnel lenses. The installation has an active surface area of 30m2 and is installed on a biaxial solar tracker with tracking accuracy in the order of 0.1°. The system’s AC efficiency is of about 25%. This plant is the only one of its kind currently installed in Sardinia.

Both PV plants contribute to the centre's energy independence and enable it to pursue specific research activities. The monitoring campaign under way is designed to create a public database on the production data for those technologies, specific for Sardinia.

The laboratory also pursues analysis of the quality of electricity supply, with a focus on the impact on it of non-linear loads typically used in a public site and on the effects induced by the presence of electricity generation plants.

The laboratory organises scientific dissemination activities for schools of all types and levels, and allows university students to take part in training placements and/or develop their thesis on issues relating to laboratory activities.

In 2013 the laboratory participated in the drawing up and development of the Smart Mobility Project and is currently engaged in implementing the activities planned under the project.

Photovoltaic lab
Indirizzo emaillab.fotovoltaico@sardegnaricerche.it
Operating centre
VI Strada Ovest Z.I. Macchiareddu
09010 Uta (CA) - Italy
Sardegna Ricerche, Technology Park of Sardinia
Edificio 2, Località Piscinamanna
09010 Pula (CA) - Italy
Phone +39 070 9243.2707/2710