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R&D and innovation

Sardegna Ricerche and its partners support the Regional Government's policies and actions for the advancement of research, innovation and technology development.

They do so by implementing programmes and projects providing services and incentives for innovation, in harmony with the regional policy promoting the development of technology and production clusters, industry chain integration and the development of networks of centres of excellence and competence.

The services and incentives are offered through various types of programmes and projects, which include:

- R&D programmes. These are support programmes for the implementation of industrial research and pre-competitive development projects by enterprises operating in Sardinia.

- Integrated Innovation Programmes (Programmi Integrati di Innovazione - P.I.I.). These are designed to support process, product and organisational innovation in Sardinian enterprises belonging to the same sectoral, geographical or operational area, through a set of actions (information, technology facilitation, innovation, enterprise creation, training etc.).

- Integrated Service Programmes (Programmi Integrati di Servizi - P.I.S.). These programmes are reserved exclusively for the services, local areas or sectoral chains identified from time to time by Sardegna Ricerche, which also defines the contents of each programme (methodology, quality standards, objectives, etc.). Service delivery is accompanied by facilitation, training and mentoring activities, in which the beneficiary Sardinian enterprises are required to participate.

- Pilot or Cluster Projects. A tool developed by Sardegna Ricerche to raise awareness and encourage adoption of innovative process, product and organisational solutions by Sardinian enterprises belonging to the same industry cluster or production chain. By means of pilot projects, the enterprises belonging to a specific economic sector, starting from analysis of their technology, production and market requirements and ranking their priorities, identify a specific area for common action.