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The partners of project Whetlac meet at Porto Conte Ricerche

Drop of milk 
On May 27, the partners of the European project Whetlac will hold a meeting at Porto Conte Ricerche, Alghero (SS). The project, launched in November 2008, lasts one year and is funded by the EU under FP7.

The project's primary objective is to increase the competitiveness and technology capabilities of SMEs in the dairy and pharmaceutical sectors. More specifically, the project aims at developing a system for producing lactic acid from whey permeate, a by-product of the cheese-making process.

Whey disposal represents a major cost for dairy factories, as well as posing environmental problems. As an indication of the magnitude of the problem, about 85% of the milk processed for making cheeses forms this by-product.

The project partnership includes three research centres responsible for the experimental phases: Cartiff (Spain), Natex (Austria) and Porto Conte Ricerche (Italy). The project’s beneficiaries are some dairy companies from various European countries (for Italy F.lli Pinna Industria Casearia) and some pharma companies, as the end-users of the lactic acid obtained. The meeting on the 27th will focus on assessment of project progress.