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Researcher working in a lab 

Science and Technology Park of Sardinia, Edificio 8
Loc. Piscinamanna - 09050 Pula (CA) - Italy
Phone +39 070 9243.3141
Fax +39 070 9243.3142
Indirizzo emailinfo@inpeco.com


Inpeco is a worldwide leading company in the automation of clinical laboratories. It designs and manufactures systems that allow complete automation of analytical workflow, from pre- to post-analytical steps. Thanks to the collaboration with major diagnostics companies, Inpeco solutions are distributed and supported worldwide.

The Science and Technology Park of Sardinia is home to a team of researchers engaged in conceiving and developing innovative solutions for the full traceability of diagnostic and clinical treatment processes, covering the whole spectrum from patient identification to the taking of blood samples to fully automated testing and the delivery and filing of test results.

Competencies and technologies
Main areas of expertise include:
- Automation and robotics, with a focus on software and human-machine interaction
- HW and SW module integration into management systems in public and private healthcare organizations
- Total traceability of diagnosis and therapy monitoring of inpatients and outpatients, from admission to discharge.

Products, services and applications
Inpeco develops systems using the latest technologies on the market to design clinical processes ensuring optimum safety levels and full traceability. Inpeco is expanding its range of automation and traceability solutions for sample collection, storage systems and bio banks. The company's current projects include expanding automation to new areas such as microbiology, molecular biology and mass spectrometry.

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