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Business ideas take front stage at Startup System 2013

On Friday 11 October in Pula (CA), the "Startup System 2013" conference and pitching event hosted the startup teams that participated in the second call of the Programme "Aid for innovative startups" promoted by Sardegna Ricerche. Through a public pitching session, each team submitted their ideas to a public of VCs and business angels looking for investment opportunities. Below is a brief review of the business ideas that were pitched during the event.

A startup providing analysis and project design services, it is currently working on implementing an innovative wind power harnessing system dubbed AEOLUS (AEOLian roof for Urban areaS), which brings wind power generation to urban areas.

Beagle 24
Beagle24 plans to develop a portal bringing together sellers and buyers of cars, motorbikes and real property, delivering a user-friendly, fast and satisfactory service, which cuts down transaction costs and time.

Bithiatech is an electronic systems enterprise, delivering high-tech products or design services to its clients. In particular, this startup has developed an innovative software for generating automatic tests within embedded systems.

Everywhere sport
This startup proposes innovative solutions tapping into the great growth potential of the e-fitness market, in particular software solutions for mobile and wearable devices monitoring sports performance and boosting motivation. The services/products on offer are based on technologies and prototypes already in an advanced stage of development and are the end-result of years of university research.

GreenShare proposes an innovative solution for sustainable mobility. This is the first European platform for real-time car pooling, based on an automated system enabling fellow travellers to contact each other.

This startup performs pre-clinical testing of new candidate drugs, based on the "NSG-xenograft" technology. By applying this model, the startup will develop a platform of preclinical tests and deliver services for the validation of new therapeutic compounds for use in clinical trials.

The first geo-social network focused on detecting and sharing photos on new global trends. ICoolhunt is also an innovative trend forecasting tool able to map with great precision in space and time the birth and ‘viral’ spread of new trends by processing the huge amount of data collected by means of its embedded social game.

Jonathan Project
The team researches, develops, designs, produces and markets innovative "oil skimmers". It also produces devices for the maintenance of water bodies and for the cleanup of sea oil spills.

A Customer Experience and Mystery Shopping company, this startup is working on developing a system to generate Shop'n'Rate reports for large retail brands, based on immediate customer feedback on their shopping experiences. The system makes it possible to engage with customers and later recruit them for mystery shopping assignments.

Nextop (TrenOvolo)
This innovative startup has designed an intermodal journey planning platform. A single interface makes it possible to compare all the modes of transport available for any given journey between origin and destination points. It also cuts administrative and credit card fees and charges for users via a single electronic payment transaction.

This startup offers innovative and user-friendly geographical information web services via the GeoNue platform, which supplies all the functions of an advanced GIS through use of cloud computing. GeoNue is designed to supply public and private organisations and professionals operating in the sector, with a land use planning tool which is user-friendly, cost-effective, innovative and advanced.

A startup in the emerging sector of the Internet of Things, whereby connection to the Internet is no longer restricted to computers, smart phones, tablets and home appliances, but also to toys, apparel, vehicles and furniture, and again buildings, urban spaces, streets and parks. Its platform works as an operating system with social functions, facilitating communication with those objects via the internet, their management, interconnection and sharing with friends.

This startup automates the creation of a customisable portable multi-boot suite containing all the technical tools for ordinary and extraordinary PC maintenance: virus removal, data recovery, hardware testing and operating system reinstallation.

Tecnologicamente (Aquapower)
This industrial-technical startup designs, develops, produces and markets innovative devices for a range of swimming-pool related activities, spanning professional and amateur sports, fitness and pool rehab therapy. In the start-up phase, the enterprise focuses on developing ergometers to measure swimmers’ performances and monitor their training sessions.

The first e-commerce platform conceived, designed and implemented specifically for use via SmartTV. The platform provides innovative showcasing opportunities, allowing each trader to propose his interactive personalised sales channel. The technology used supports dual screen mobile/smartTV, thus enabling an original, immediate e-commerce mode.

Verding (Energeticamente)
Verding is planning to launch on the market an online platform named EDO "Environmental & economic Dashboard for effective Organisations", designed to support enterprises, public authorities and households in the choice and deployment of solutions to cut energy consumption, waste production and the unnecessary consumption of raw materials. EDO is based on use of proprietary software developed by Verding.

This startup, operating in the area of home/building automation, designs, produces and sells a line of innovative products and supplies services to implement home automation functions on existing electrical wiring systems.