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The first catalogue of natural and green products from Sardinia

Sardinian handicrafts 
On 5 November 2013, during a meeting in Baradili (Province of Oristano) with the participation of the island's businesses that have joined the project, Sardegna Ricerche presented the first catalogue of natural and green products from Sardinia. This is one of several initiatives undertaken by Sardegna Ricerche in the framework of a broader programme for the support of green products aimed at promoting renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and environmentally-friendly materials.

The catalogue includes a range of local products made from natural materials belonging to the island's traditional economy and culture, as well as re-cycled materials. The producers named in the catalogue joined the initiative on a voluntary basis, in response to an invitation launched by SR last June. Therefore this directory is not exhaustive and does not purport to cover all the green businesses and products from the island.

The catalogue is in three parts:
- the first part lists products by raw material: cork, natural fibres, natural stone, natural essences, wood, adobe/earth, re-cycled materials;
- the second part covers services for green architecture;
- the third part is a directory of the businesses and professionals featured in the catalogue.

The catalogue, also available online, is both a professional tool for businesses and a directory for professionals and public authorities, whose green public procurement choices can pave the way for a large market in these products.

The catalogue represents a workable utopia. A utopia, because while it is difficult to label any one product, process or service as being fully "green", it is nevertheless always possible to make design and production choices that improve environmental, social and economic parameters, and hence sustainability. At the same time, the catalogue represents a living reality: Sardinia is a land rich in natural resources that are used for making products for green architecture, ecological design, sustainable building and, more broadly speaking, sustainable living.

Sardinia already has a thriving green sector, and this catalogue is just the first step in fully promoting the island's natural and sustainable productions.

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