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The Biomed Platform

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Sardegna Ricerche's Biomed Platform was set up to broaden the range of competences and services offered by the Biomedicine and Health Technologies Cluster of Sardinia. The Platform comprises the Biomedical Research Support Unit, at the Pula (Cagliari) campus of the Science and Technology Park, and the Technology Laboratories located at the two sites of Pula (Cagliari) and Alghero (Sassari), and serving the Region's entire territory.

The Platform offers a broad range of services to enterprises and entities operating in Sardinia, the key ones being:
- Information and Training Services, both technical-scientific and for R&D programmes.
- Assistance and Technical Support Services, for public and private research projects and preclinical and clinical trials. This includes support in the search for calls and other funding opportunities, drafting of trial outlines and protocols, use of the labs and exploitation of research results.
- R&D Services, offered by the Platform’s labs through their equipment and competences. Some specialist services are supplied by one lab only, while general services are offered by all the labs.
- Collaborative Research, for the development of projects with companies or public research bodies and centres.

As a rule, both information & training and assistance and technical support services are provided free of charge. A fee is charged for assistance to specific projects or programmes for which the requesting entity (public agency, company, school etc.) has received funding. All the services are offered to enterprises having their place of business in Sardinia.

Support Unit
The Biomedical Research Support Unit is a key partner for preclinical and clinical research and trials in Sardinia. It provides technical and scientific assistance, monitoring, dissemination and promotion of results, information and training.

The Biomed Platform's technology laboratories are open arenas for collaboration between industry and the world of research and innovation, and are seamlessly integrated with each other. They are eight in number, and are operated by Sardegna Ricerche and its two wholly-owned subsidiaries CRS4 and Porto Conte Ricerche:
- Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Laboratory (NMR). This laboratory is equipped with a 400MHz Bruker Avance III spectrometer; third parties cannot use it directly, but only via the technicians of Sardegna Ricerche.
- Bioanalytical Technology Lab (TBA). The laboratory is equipped with analysis and research instruments for chromatography and mass spectroscopy. It is managed by Sardegna Ricerche.
- Microlab - Optical and Electronic Microscopy Laboratory. The CRS4's microscopy laboratory has a track record of more than ten years in optical and electronic microscopy. It provides advanced research services to businesses, universities and public and private research centres.
- Bio-IT Laboratory. This laboratory, managed by CRS4, operates in the areas of functional genomics and analysis of the molecular bases of human diseases.
- Next Generation Sequencing Laboratory (NGS). The New Generation Sequencing Platform can handle large-scale sequencing projects, handling all the steps from data production to analysis. It is operated by CRS4 and the Genetic and Biomedical Research Institute of the CNR (National Research Council).
- Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Imaging Laboratory. It performs the characterisation of complex mixtures for the agrifood, environmental and biomedical sectors.
- Proteomics Laboratory. It is operated by Porto Conte Ricerche and provides a number of services including, for example: systematic and differential analysis of the proteome of tissues, cells or cellular compartments, research, identification and characterisation of peptide and protein markers etc.
- Molecular Genetics Laboratory. Operated by Porto Conte Ricerche, it is equipped with instruments (Illumina technology) enabling various throughput levels.
- Diagnostic Systems Laboratory. It supports the development of systems for the control of animal and human diseases including food allergies and intolerances, infectious diseases, vaccination studies and a range of autoimmune diseases.
- AIMA (Advanced Imaging and Motion Analysis) Laboratory. Operated by Porto Conte Ricerche, it offers services in the field of image analysis.

Programmes and projects

The Biomed platform launches programmes and calls to promote biomedical R&D, preclinical and clinical trials, translational and investigator-initiated clinical research in Sardinia also through the use and integration of the platform's laboratories.

The first initiative of this kind is the R&D Programme for Integration of the Biomed Sector, whose aim is to promote more intensive use of the laboratories and public biomed research platforms by financing small R&D projects proposed by businesses of any size with operations in Sardinia.

Information and contacts
Sardegna Ricerche
Edificio 5
Loc. Piscinamanna
09010 Pula (CA) - Italy
Telephone +39 070 9243.1
Indirizzo emailsardiniabiomed@sardegnaricerche.it

Head of the Office for the Promotion and Development of the Science and Technology Park
Giuseppe Serra
Telephone 070 9243.2225
Indirizzo emailgserra@sardegnaricerche.it

Rossella Angius
Telephone 070 9243.5601
Indirizzo emailrangius@sardegnaricerche.it

Francesca Caboi
Telephone 070 9243.5602
Indirizzo emailcaboi@sardegnaricerche.it

Caterina Giorgia Carboni
Telephone 070 9243.5604
Indirizzo emailcarboni@sardegnaricerche.it

Franco Cappai
Telephone 070 9243.5605
Indirizzo emailcappai@sardegnaricerche.it

Luigi Pira
Telephone 070 9243.5603
Indirizzo emailpira@sardegnaricerche.it