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Icnoderm srl

Applying cream on a woman's hand 
Science and Technology Park of Sardinia, Edificio 5
Loc. Piscinamanna - 09050 Pula (CA) - Italy
Tel. +39 070 9243.5521/5522
E-mail: Indirizzo emailinfo@icnoderm.com

ICNODERM is an innovative start-up which operates in the sector of topical formulation and dermal delivery, with special regard to applications in the cosmetics and medical device sector. The company's main mission is the use of new technologies and methods to develop formulations characterised by an essential formula. Thanks to the availability of an ISO 7 production/prototyping chamber and to ISO 22716 and ISO 13485 quality certification, ICNODERM is able to handle the whole process leading to the development of a new product starting from the early design phases to development of the final product prototype.

Competencies and technologies
Thanks to the founding partners' know-how, despite its young age ICNODERM has strong experience in the development of topical formulations. The new approaches to the development of formulations, often under proprietary technologies, deliver products with innovative characteristics, for which there is strong market demand.

One of the first formulation technologies developed by ICNODERM (patent application RM2014A000687) consists in a phospholipid-polymer-type vesicle carrier able to impart unique characteristics to the resulting formulation. The new carrier system provides two key benefits: it gives phospholipid vesicles excellent stability performance and, especially for insoluble active principles, it enhances dissolution kinetics and skin penetration. Last, fully in line with the company's philosophy of "substantive formula", this system replaces the chemistry of conventional emulsions, by avoiding the inclusion of surfactants and other common fatty excipients and thereby minimising allergenic potential.

ICNODERM develops and produces innovative cosmetic lines for the skin care sector, following a corporate philosophy which embodies its main mission: develop "substantive" formulations, i.e. without unnecessary components.

Besides its primary activity covering the design, development, production and marketing of own cosmetics lines, the company also makes available its know-how and facilities for work to order, in particular the development of formulations for topical medical devices. In this case too, the work covers all development phases, from project design to production of the final product prototype, and can be tailored to meet the client's requirements.

ICNODERM was set up as an R&D company and continues to pursue ongoing cutting-edge research in cooperation with major university teams; it thus acts as an important partner involved in new projects in this area.