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Project Smart City – Class A Municipalities

Una città verde retta da due mani 
The support and design unit of the Renewable Energy Platform has supported the project Smart City - Class A Municipalities from its outset. The team, together with other agencies and with the competent departments of the Regional Government first took part in planning the project's timeline and selecting the 21 pioneer communities (comprising in total 66 municipalities), which were the best-performing among the 270 which had expressed their interest.

In parallel with the selection of pioneer communities, Sardegna Ricerche also handled the selection of 20 tutors, with technical-scientific and socio-economic competencies. Following extensive team-building work, the tutors and pioneer communities began drafting the Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP).

In line with the philosophy of the Covenant of Mayors, the APSE was drafted under the coordination of the competent municipal departments and with the participation of local stakeholders, who took part in the entire plan drafting process.

Drafting of the Baseline Emission Inventory (BEI), with detailed indication of energy consumption and the associated CO2 emissions of each pioneer community was the precondition for in-depth data analysis by municipal policy makers, in order to identify problem areas and develop a strategy for tackling them and actions to be included in the SEAP. These data also provided information to the various local stakeholders (citizens, businesses, public authorities, NGOs) for discussing and proposing possible emission reduction actions.

At the end of the support phase, which lasted seven months, the 66 municipalities belonging to the pioneer communities approved their SEAP and submitted it to the Office of the Covenant of Mayors for approval. In parallel to the support to pioneer communities, citizen participation was encouraged by means of awareness-raising and educational initiatives on the project’s themes.

In the light of the success of the initiative, the Region of Sardinia has decided to launch a second round of co-ordination to support 10 new pioneer communities.

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