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Sustainable Building Materials Cluster

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Sardegna Ricerche has published a call for R&D and innovation projects in the field of sustainable building materials. The initiative, included in the Materials Cluster programme, supports the development of green building enterprises by promoting cooperation between enterprises and public research bodies. Another aim of the initiative is to support creation of the building material supply chain and encourage the establishment of new business initiatives at the two green building clusters of Guspini and Iglesias.

Cluster projects are implemented by research bodies in collaboration with enterprises belonging to a specific business sector. The aim is to develop an R&D and innovation project on issues shared by the business cluster, i.e. a group of at least 5 companies operating in the same territory and sector.

The three projects funded and in progress are:
1. EDENSO - Sustainable use of the forestry resources of Sardinia and for building and energy production, promoted by the University Sassari, Department of Architecture, and by the University of Cagliari, Civil Engineering Department
2. PREMURA - Design and construction of unfired and fired brick structures locally sourced and manufactured from natural materials, promoted by Cagliari University, Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering.
3. PRASAR - “Pranu Sartu, recovery and conservation: materials, technologies and architectural and cultural values” promoted by the University of Cagliari, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Architecture.

The three projects involve overall 22 companies, two universities and three departments.

For further information please write to:
Indirizzo emailsardegnaproduceverde@sardegnaricerche.it