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Smart Mobility Project

Macchina stilizzata su un prato 
The Smart Mobility project aims to stimulate and inform transport sector operators about the potential offered by the new electric mobility market. A study on the transport sector has shown that mobility accounts for about 30% of the energy consumption of the Region of Sardinia and has a very large and still untapped de-carbonisation potential.

The detailed objectives of the Smart Mobility project are:
- inform transport operators on the state of the art and outlook for electric mobility
- raise the awareness of the public and sector operators on electric mobility issues
- provide the tools for assessing the potential of the electric mobility market, including its main weaknesses and problems
- provide technical operator training by means of a comprehensive syllabus covering the design and implementation of an electric retrofit of a traditional vehicle
- plan medium and long-term R&D activities with large undertakings, SMEs and universities for future projects under EU programme Horizon 2020
- build and disseminate specific know-how in the electrical mobility sector.

Among the actions promoted during the first phase of the project, for both demonstration and research purposes, Sardegna Ricerche has ‘greened’ its vehicle fleet by acquiring two Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid cars and two Smart electric cars.

This small demonstration fleet has been used to launch a campaign for the monitoring of actual consumption, energy performance, CO2 emission reduction and cost savings achieved by switching to electric mobility. Moreover, the ongoing monitoring of both the use and recharge conditions of these vehicles has made it possible to build a base of experimental data supporting specific research and planning actions for the analysis and optimisation of energy flows in transport.

Phase two of the Smart Mobility project concerns the provision of targeted training to upgrade and expand the know-how of electromechanical and car operators. The aim is to improve the competence of sector operators and their readiness for the new market, by introducing and developing the concept of electric vehicle conversion. The training syllabus comprises a classroom-based section plus a practical part in which trainees will retrofit a traditional car converting it into an electric vehicle.

The project also includes the creation of a test bench for both research and training activities.

For further information please write to:
Indirizzo emailsmartmobility@sardegnaricerche.it