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Ricercatrice al microscopio 

Technology Park of Sardinia, Building 5
Località Piscinamanna – 09050 Pula (CA) - Italy


ExplorePharma is an innovative startup company established in 2021 by experienced researchers in the field of cellular and molecular pharmacology. The company pursues research and development of innovative high-tech products in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmeceutical and veterinary sectors.

Competencies e technologies
The company's competencies cover several areas of biomedical research and focus on the characterisation and development of bioactive compounds with potential commercial applications.

Products, services e applications
The initial applications are in the cosmetics industry, based on exploitation of the extremophilic bacterium Deinococcus radiodurans, from which Bacfarm has extracted a new ingredient composed of the protein SlpA and deinoxanthin, a valuable carotenoid. Thus, Bacfarm is offering for the first time to the market a new and exclusive molecule: Pink Layer, a powerful UV filter with high antioxidant activity. This is the ideal candidate for overcoming the efficacy and safety issues of the active principles currently available on the market. The company uses modern biotechnologies including 2d and 3D cell cultures.

Products, services and applications
The products covered by R&D are lipid and peptide compounds of natural or synthetic origin. The business idea is to develop and produce small bioactive compounds in innovative formulations capable of stimulating natural cell protection and neuro protection processes. The company also provides scientific consultancy and experimental support to public and private organisations for the implementation of R&D projects in their fields of activity.