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Sardegna Ricerche invests in artificial intelligence: 7 Sardinian enterprises will be at the AI Summit in London

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Sardegna Ricerche invests in artificial intelligence: seven enterprises, including start-ups and innovative SMEs, will be representing Sardinian at the AI Summit London 2023, which will take place on 14-15 June 2023. Their participation is one of Sardegna Ricerche’s long-standing commitment to promoting the technological development and competitiveness of Sardinian businesses. The last initiative saw a delegation of ten Sardinian companies at CES in Las Vegas in January.

The AI Summit is part of London Tech Week, Europe's leading event dedicated to AI and cutting-edge tech innovation from a business perspective. Participating enterprises will have the opportunity to meet with investors, partners and large companies interested in integrating the most innovative AI solutions into their products.

The selected Sardinian start-ups and innovative SMEs are: Athlos, Nevil, LinkaLab, Smart Geo Survey, Xrit, WiData and Visioscientiae. The 7 Sardinian enterprises will travel to London to present their services and products, developed with the help of artificial intelligence: applications able to process large datasets, find causal links, make behavioural predictions, streamline processes and save energy. Sardegna Ricerche is providing them with a collective exhibition space within the Italian pavilion organised by ICE (the Italian Trade and Investment Agency).

Let's meet the companies that will be flying to London with Sardegna Ricerche:
Athlos designs and develops customised artificial intelligence solutions for its customers. Its main products are: AIKA, a platform for intelligent digital assistance; AIPA, a platform for the realisation of specially designed and customisable digital assistants for municipalities and all public administrations; AIDOC, a healthcare tool that supports the diagnosis and staging of rectal cancer; "Smart Waste Management", an infrastructure that integrates IoT systems, such as "smart bins", and AI systems to track and optimise the city’s waste disposal chain in terms of costs and energy efficiency.

Nevil has been working for 5 years on creating high tech-impact products. Thanks to its knowledge of the IT market over time, Nevil has not only pursued high-level projects in strategic sectors, but also established strong partnerships that have enabled the company to grow and invest in international products. To date, Nevil has a number of patents, trademarks and agreements with leading companies in its sectors of operation.

LinkaLab presents EOS Data. It is an artificial intelligence platform for influencers, consultants and marketing agencies. The platform uses AI algorithms to collect data from various sources including social media comments and news and analyses it to provide valuable insights for its customers.

Smart Geo Survey applies AI in agriculture: with the SAM (Smart Agriculture Method) platform, it identifies and catalogues all soil requirements providing farmers with smart solutions through a decision support system developed over many years of experience. All information is collected using the principles of "machine learning". As data increases, so does the accuracy of predictions, enabling action in the common interest of environmental protection.

VisioScientiae is an academic spin-off of the University of Cagliari. It deals with artificial intelligence applied to various sectors such as mobility and smart cities, medicine and healthcare, finance and business, tourism, and business process automation.

XRit develops applications that reconstruct 3D multimedia environments. It offers a 3D visualisation system for building models with accuracy to the centimetre. The models are navigable and explorable using a virtual reality viewer.

WiData deals with Internet of Things technologies applied to Smart Cities. Its main product is People Mobility Analytics, a digital system for data collection, analysis, and visualisation that provides an overview of people's movements in different contexts.

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